Still Hoping It’s Temporary

This morning I posted the following on my regular site:

8:00 a.m., Eastern Daylight Time: When I first attempted to upload the previous post, I discovered that FTP access to my web server is not working. I still have WebDAV access through the host’s web interface, but it’s not the smoothest option.

I’ll be patient for now in hopes they clear up whatever issue this is in a timely fashion; as long as the WebDAV avenue remains open I can keep the site updated as needed.

Since then, Fastmail has either experienced a hard crash, or something has gone wrong between their servers and me — I can’t even access my domain email. If you can reach my regular site, let me know in comments here.*

*Update, minutes later: Email and website are back up, but FTP is still down. Comments have been closed.

Update, next morning: FTP issue resolved, all site function is back to normal.


One thought on “Still Hoping It’s Temporary

  1. I guess this will be what I use when Fastmail goes Tango Uniform. Admittedly I’ve been using it a looooong time without major problems — until today. FTP is still unresponsive, by the way.

    Still not a big enough deal (yet) to make me want to move my blog.

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