These Are the Archives

I keep messing with the blog. I change its name, its URL, its format…

After what to me seems long consideration, but will seem like a bolt from the blue to my reader, I’m about to do two (one and a half?) out of three. This time the name won’t change, and my intention is that the active URL of the blog will once again be what it has been.

There are steps involved, however, and the first of these is that I let it be known what the temporary URL is.

New posts will now appear at (see update below), while the entries posted before today are here. Before I move the domain, the current URL will redirect here — hopefully with paths intact.

Update: I’ve moved the domain; the active blog’s base URL is once again All October 2017 posts have been migrated there as well.

This will mean no more commenting on new posts, and the rotating quotes I only recently started displaying on this site will go away for good. I’ll save the quotes though. You may see them again.