It’s Called “Projecting”

Today, Geraghty discusses Harvey Weinstein, the Pig That Ate Hollywood’s Moral High Horse.

Hollywood has demonstrated an amazing propensity for believing the problems are “out there” — out in middle America, where the audience lives — instead of within its own industry, actions, and behavior.

What it is, is, Hollywood assumes whatever horrible behavior happens there, must be happening everywhere. The flaw in that reasoning is that the entertainment industry attracts people who are more comfortable playing “let’s pretend” — where the consequences are elided in favor of manufactured closure.

“Out there,” consequences are real and endings are also beginnings and middles. Real people “live happily ever after” for about three minutes before life… goes on. No ending credits, no immediate negotiations for a sequel, no residuals. Just… more living, for those still alive.

In Hollywood, “more living” is what you base a sequel on. No sequel deal, no additional consequences.

That’s how Weinstein lived. It’s how everyone in Hollywood lives. Not knowing any better, it’s how they assume everybody lives.

That’s why they’re not fit to preach, even to those who live in that bubble, let alone to you and me.