I Am Officially an Old-Timer

Today I got a haircut and renewed my driver’s license.

Years ago the Georgia driver’s license process was an incandescent mess. (The fact I can remember those days tells you I’ve lived here a good while longer than I’d hoped to.) A lot has been done to ease the process since then, but today I went to the barber shop for a haircut and then headed to the license office to renew.

The barber shop was about as busy as it ever is; both haircutters were busy when I sat down.

When I went to the driver’s license office, I had taken advantage of something Georgia’s DMV-equivalent calls “Skip-A-Step,” where you can fill out your renewal application paperwork online, as much as 30 days ahead.

My wait at the barber shop was longer than my wait to see the clerk and hand over the documents I needed to bring to convince them I am who they say I am. I think the haircut even took longer than the license clerk took in getting me processed and out of there.

I’d been dreading this renewal because it was the first time I would need to comply with the “SecureID” requirements, but this was a breeze.