They’re Being Stupid Again

You know, the whole point of buying a Nexus phone was that it would be first in line for Android updates.

I’m still waiting for Oreo on my Nexus 6P, which Google made a point of announcing would be among the handsets getting the new version.

Apparently they rushed Oreo without making sure it would work on the 6P.

I’m tempted to call this a broken promise. It certainly doesn’t dispose me favorably toward a Pixel phone (hugely overpriced successor to the Nexus line) (Especially after I paid too much, in my opinion, for this 6P).

Update, Tuesday: So much for my thoughts of opting for the non-flagship phone.

I’m starting to wonder if Google’s considering scuttling Project Fi.

Maybe I’ll just go the LineageOS route, when/if it becomes obvious my phone won’t upgrade any further.