You’d Think There Would Be an Explanation for This

This Sunday’s game in Dallas, hosting the Rams, is supposed to be aired on Fox at 1:00 p.m. EDT.

All evidence is pointing to this game not being aired in the Atlanta market. Instead the Atlanta Fox affiliate has scheduled several episodes of something called “Live Life and Win!”

And I have never found anything that explains why the Atlanta affiliate has chosen to embargo this game. They’re showing the games before and after — neither of which is a Falcons game. If one were, that might serve as kind of a lame explanation, the Falcons being the Atlanta team.

When you do something that seems inexplicable, and don’t explain it, you have to expect people to get ticked off.

And if that’s why you did it, you’re nothing but a troll.


One thought on “You’d Think There Would Be an Explanation for This

  1. Well, I guess there must be some “anti”fa wackjob at Fox 5 Atlanta pissed off because Dallas owner Jerry Jones has said he’ll bench players who don’t stand for the national anthem. The Cowboys’ next game, hosted by the 49ers, is also missing from the station’s schedule.

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