The Weather Channel Needs to Have What ESPN Is Having

Today The Weather Channel seems to be wall-to-wall snarking at President Trump, spinning what he’s been saying about Hurricane Maria response, and emphasizing a politico who’s upset about… drum roll, please… wait for it…

…a tweet.

If you’re old enough to remember music on MTV, learning on The Learning Channel, and unmitigated sports reporting on ESPN, you may not care to display your shocked face when you learn that The Weather Channel has followed ESPN’s trajectory into left-wing politics. After all, TSJWC has been going along with the “Off with their heads!” climate-alarmist dogma for years now.

Of course, ESJWN is actually starting to suffer for its slide into politics, what with the collapse in NFL ratings since football players — and some owners — have followed the “sports” media’s support for attention-grabbing, fan-infuriating, political protests on the football field.

If WeatherNation is an option in your market, I highly recommend it. As for football, there’s always the NCAA. It may be frequently corrupt, but at least it doesn’t flaunt a smug disdain for America as a nation.