Beneath Notice

I can remember when taking a knee
Was a sign of respect and submission
But we can’t expect twenty-something millionaires
To engage in that much cognition
So they kneel as a sign of disrespect
To the flag their grandfathers might have died for
Millions of immigrants fled home for
And all good Americans have pride for

A flag flown by my ancestors
Who fought to free the slaves
And saw their eldest brother killed
And laid in a soldier’s grave
A flag laughed at by Hitler
He didn’t laugh for very long
A flag sneered at by Stalin
We’re still here, his flag is gone

Bin Laden tried to end it too
Doused in jet fuel and burned
Yet it rose again from the ash and rubble
And he got the comeuppance he earned
So to pampered gridiron idols I say
Indulge your childish vainglory
Your moment in the spotlight’s glare
Won’t be a footnote to that flag’s story.