The Food Stinks. And Such Small Portions!

Having gone back to hosting my domain and having my preferred email address as other than an alias on Gmail, I’ve been a bit underwhelmed with the webmail options, and I really don’t like any of the resident email clients out there. Thunderbird has one feature that makes it useful, but it has failings of its own. I’ll use it for that one feature if I need it, but I don’t like it as a default mail interface.

So, I found another provider with a much better webmail interface and have separated my email hosting from my web hosting, but the DNS entries necessary to do this aren’t panning out well. I did exactly what the mail host instructed, but it’s been a few days now and it’s still not verifying.

I do get my mail — the issue is a setting that tells other mail servers it’s really me using this mail host that’s not at my web host.

<update, Saturday> Just found an error that was preventing the setting from verifying. Fixed it. All is well. These next two paragraphs are no longer relevant. </update>

I can transfer my web hosting over as well, but this outfit doesn’t support the databases necessary to run WordPress. Which means if I do transfer web hosting I’ll have to move the blog to

I don’t like this idea (Update: and I just discovered it would mean paying WordPress $99 a year just to be able to use the quotes plugin; nuh-uh!). If the DNS business doesn’t clear up though (I’ve been in contact with the mail host’s user support about it) I may have no choice.