I Honestly Never Admired the Man

All I’ll say is, I hope the last ten years or so were hell enough for him so his sentence is limited to time served.


You’d Think There Would Be an Explanation for This

This Sunday’s game in Dallas, hosting the Rams, is supposed to be aired on Fox at 1:00 p.m. EDT.

All evidence is pointing to this game not being aired in the Atlanta market. Instead the Atlanta Fox affiliate has scheduled several episodes of something called “Live Life and Win!”

And I have never found anything that explains why the Atlanta affiliate has chosen to embargo this game. They’re showing the games before and after — neither of which is a Falcons game. If one were, that might serve as kind of a lame explanation, the Falcons being the Atlanta team.

When you do something that seems inexplicable, and don’t explain it, you have to expect people to get ticked off.

And if that’s why you did it, you’re nothing but a troll.

The Intarweb Has a Sad

Because “Airporty McAirportface” didn’t even get nominated.

The Riverton Airport Board is thinking about a name change for Riverton Regional Airport to more accurately reflect the region served by the county’s only commercial airport.

The name that has been proposed is Wind River Regional Airport. The change was suggested by Airport Board and Fremont Air Service Team (FAST) member Mick Pryor. “The proposed name would encapsulate the marketing effort tourism agencies have been using and the entire region that we serve,” Pryor said.

It’s rigged. Rigged, I say!

Update: They decided not to change the airport’s name after all. And you know what that means: “Airporty McAirportface” still has a chance!

Calling All Cars, Calling All Cars

“Fugitive believed to be fleeing north at low rate of speed…”


NOUS62 TJSJ 251947


MESSAGE DATE: SEP 25 2017 19:47:00


Be safe out there.

Kim, You Ignorant Slut

The Korean War is in its 68th year. It never formally ended.

America doesn’t need to “declare” war on you, you dopey little speed bump. We don’t need to provoke you.

You, however, need to stop provoking us.

Beneath Notice

I can remember when taking a knee
Was a sign of respect and submission
But we can’t expect twenty-something millionaires
To engage in that much cognition
So they kneel as a sign of disrespect
To the flag their grandfathers might have died for
Millions of immigrants fled home for
And all good Americans have pride for

A flag flown by my ancestors
Who fought to free the slaves
And saw their eldest brother killed
And laid in a soldier’s grave
A flag laughed at by Hitler
He didn’t laugh for very long
A flag sneered at by Stalin
We’re still here, his flag is gone

Bin Laden tried to end it too
Doused in jet fuel and burned
Yet it rose again from the ash and rubble
And he got the comeuppance he earned
So to pampered gridiron idols I say
Indulge your childish vainglory
Your moment in the spotlight’s glare
Won’t be a footnote to that flag’s story.

Happy Autumnal Equinox

By the time you see this, the sun has gone south of the equator, and there is no longer any excuse for heat waves or drenching humidity.

But hereabouts, we’ll get them anyway.

Which is why the last few days it’s been a pleasure to look at Wyoming webcams.


Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park

Okay, so Yellowstone having snow isn’t that impressive; it’s the snowiest place in Wyoming after all.

There’s a phenomenon called a moisture channel that extends from the point where the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain chains meet, across northwestern Nevada and southeastern Oregon to the Snake River Plain, and right to the mountains in and around Yellowstone. Much of the water that feeds three of America’s great river systems — the Columbia, Colorado, and Missouri — flows when Yellowstone’s abundant snowfalls melt in the spring and summer.

Looking down into Jackson Hole from Teton Pass

A surprising percentage of the people who work in Jackson Hole don’t live there. Many live on the other side of the Tetons in Idaho where, presumably, it’s cheaper to live — and commute across the state line and the mountain range to their jobs. The above is the view those commuters saw this morning as they crossed the summit.

Not that snow in the Tetons is any more unusual, perhaps, than in Yellowstone.

West side of Dubois, in the upper Wind River valley

Even the upper Wind River valley is a bit close to Yellowstone for this to be all that unusual, I suppose, but Dubois — at only 6,900 feet above sea level — is not really in the mountains.

To be fair, this snow is unlikely to still be there by local noon, unless temperatures drop further and a lot of additional moisture makes it into the valley.

Red Canyon, south of Lander

Normally this spot is noteworthy for its scenic view, but this morning it was socked in by snowfall. Red Canyon is on the east side of the other end of the Wind River Mountains from Dubois’ valley location; its elevation may be comparable or not much lower. It’s definitely not part of the Yellowstone environs.

When we have weather like this on the home acres, it’s January (February at the latest) and sensible people hunker down at home with the spoils of the panic buying they indulged in when the S-word appeared in the forecast.

Those trans-Teton commuters mentioned above? Just another high-country morning rush hour for them.

The Cure Is Worse Than the Disease

On the whole, I’d rather be in Philadelphia.

Savannah, 46, claims she recently helped to “heal” a 23-year-old Los Angeles police officer from acute Stage 4 leukaemia by talking to her “demon guide” Astaroth.

There is no medical evidence to suggest she has actually cured anyone – but that has not stopped five million people visiting her website this year alone.

The mum-of-three, who lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, told Sun Online that she began helping the young man with leukaemia after his mother wrote to her and asked her for help.

She says she helped the woman make a “pact with Lucifer” to heal her son – before carrying out various spells on the young man herself.

The mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, wrote: “I knew in my heart that my son was healed immediately the night the Pact with Lord Lucifer was accepted by His Greatness.”


What spell can this witch cast to cure that mother of her … issues?