Well, Roll Me in Powdered Sugar and Call Me Crepe-y

I just stumbled on something that brightened my day. Slightly.

When I bought this Chromebook I didn’t know anything about Google’s offer of a free 100 gigabytes of additional Google Drive storage to go with it. It isn’t bestowed automatically; you have to know about it and go redeem it. Which I just did.  And it’s only good for as long as you keep the Chromebook.

I’d been contemplating upgrading my existing Google Drive storage because, between my files and my mail archives (which I try to keep under control, but…), I’ve been using up what I’m already paying for. This reprieves me for at least a little while, and if I exceed my new allotment by the time this ‘Book craps out I can still upgrade. Assuming I don’t decide to get another Chromebook.

I hate to admit it, but I’m starting to warm up to this thing.