No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No

So, now that I’ve signed up again for legitimate domain hosting, I’m finding that my desire to have the Tally Book retain its URL is no longer feasible. Blogspot won’t honor a permanent redirect (though it is respecting the Wildcard setting, so that links to individual entries using either URL will still work), and doesn’t even offer the option of trying to set one up.

Which means I either have to live with the Blogspot URL here, or install WordPress on my domain host and mess with databases and all that crap. Right now it’s a tossup which is the least palatable choice — though obviously my preference for less hassle makes Blogspot the odds-on favorite in the long run.

On the other hand, since I’ve lost all of my prior content forever, except for what’s here right now, messing with a database wouldn’t be but so stressful. “Oops. I have to start over from scratch again? Ain’t the first time, doubt it’ll be the last.”

The templates available at are unimpressive anyway, so that was a never-starter.

What’s that? Some old geezer who remembers my blogging heyday is suggesting bringing back Expression Engine? Where’s my shotgun?