Temporary Interruptions Are Temporary

…and I’m causing them. Please bear with us.

Update: I’ve resumed using a conventional domain host for perfectly frivolous reasons, primarily for SMTP server access. It took a while for the hosting change to propagate in Google’s DNS, and it may take a longer while in yours. Nothing else has actually moved.

‘Nother update: Maybe not so frivolous. Google’s giving itself an utterly unnecessary black eye by letting its virulent political monoculture become more than merely an object of suspicion. A lot of people there need to be slapped down. If they can fire a guy for wanting more ideological diversity, they can sure as hell punish those who actively suppress said diversity.


2 thoughts on “Temporary Interruptions Are Temporary

  1. Robert Conquest would have laughed at that “Don’t be evil” business; he’d have predicted that sooner or later, they’d become evil, and of course he would have been correct.

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