The Facepalm Chronicles, 2

You know how using cloud storage, live-synched to your own computer, sounds like a great way to preserve your data?

If you use Linux and the Google Drive sync utility InSync, not so much.

Now I need to get used to no longer having years and years worth of irreplaceable content. Essentially all that’s left is what’s here.

I hate to say it, but my data, at least, was safer when I was using Windows, and the sync utility I used wasn’t some third-party POS.

Update, Saturday evening: I’m copying my Linux home folder files onto a thumb drive so I can access them if I decide to install another OS on that laptop. I wonder if anybody’s selling Windows XP on Ebay?

‘Nother update, Sunday morning: I suppose one of the reasons I don’t know more about XP’s vulnerabilities is that for most of the five years (!!!) it was Microsoft’s flagship OS, I was running Windows 2000.

‘Nother other update, Monday afternoon: While I contemplate what to do with the laptop, I’m using a Chromebook with touchscreen, that supports the Android app store and therefore a surprisingly wide selection of Android apps (though some that will install won’t actually work…). Hey, it was cheaper than a new tablet.

The downside is that while Chrome is the only browser that works suitably well on the Chromebook (I can install Firefox for Android but it isn’t designed for a laptop-like environment), its Android counterpart on my phone lacks features I’ve come to rely on. So I guess I’m a two-browser mustache for now.

‘Nother other other update, Wednesday evening: I think this particular Chromebook, with its Android capabilities, is the intermediate (and inexpensive) platform I was looking for between a laptop running a desktop OS, and my smartphone. It therefore makes what desktop OS runs on the laptop less critical, and since I’m unwilling to go back to the half-assed third-party software on Linux I might as well go ahead and put Windows 10 on it.

There are really only a handful of things I find I need a desktop OS for, so it’s not as if I’d even be using the laptop all that much.

In fact, I’ll wait until I actually need to use a desktop OS before I deal with the laptop again. And that could be a while.

Updates out the effin’ wazoo, Saturday evening: I went ahead and got Windows 10 and installed it. It’s a lot less of a pain in the ass than I remembered. Of course, I’ve stopped expecting much of any of my computers since the last time I ditched Windows, which may help.


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