Doooh Doooh Doooh, Lookin’ Out Her Screen Door

Kitty Houdini is pondering how to effect her next escape now that the screen doors have been blocked. I’m less than confident the grilles will hold up if she gets serious about it, but as long as it’s rainy outside I don’t think she’ll give it much of a try.

Next week though, the sun will be out — and if she can, so will Kitty Houdini.

We’ll just have to see.

In other news, the phone clamp I ordered arrived today and I think I’ve got it set up in a workable spot. The charging cable arrives tomorrow.

Before the clamp arrived I tried another excursion, this time using the Google music player instead of Amazon. I also ran the navigator app as I’d done the other day. Mobile data usage appears to still be an issue but I think this is from using navigation. I’ll have to see if offline mode is an option.

Also, I’ve found that if the music player app is already open when I get in the car, I don’t need to do anything with my phone when I’m driving, Auto or no Auto. I don’t know if that’s a recent innovation or something I just never bothered to try before.

Update, Friday: offline maps will only save me mobile data charges if I set the maps app to wifi only, and if I go beyond where my saved maps extend, I’m out of luck.

Oh, well. I really only use navigation when I’m going someplace I’m not sure how to get to. On those rare occasions I can certainly justify a higher than normal phone bill.

‘Nother update, July 2: I now declare the containment of Kitty Houdini a success. Now if we could just string together a few days without rain in the forecast I still have a bunch of chores and projects I’ve been wanting to get at.