My Daylight Account Is Almost Below the Minimum Balance

So it must be time to start saving it up again.

In our house we have a handful of clocks that have to be reset twice a year (as opposed to those that automatically reset, such as in computers and phones) thanks to the Uniform Time Act of 1966 (which goes to show you how recent the stupid ritual is in America), but we only look at a couple of them to actually find out what time it is — others are appliances like the microwave oven or the coffeemaker.

Okay, I don’t actually even adjust the one on the coffeemaker. I’m just glad there isn’t one on my toothbrush. Besides, the coffeemaker clock can’t even keep time accurately despite being computerized.

I’ll go ahead and set the ones in our cars sometime this afternoon; ordinarily those would be left unadjusted for a few days after the time change, so having them reset so early won’t make any more of a difference. Fortunately I don’t need a refresher on resetting the clock in my own car, having had to pull the battery a couple of weeks ago to take it to Autozone, I had to reset it when I hooked it back up.

You know, you’d think automakers could make a sound system that wouldn’t lose all the presets when the battery has to come out…