It wasn’t all that long ago I would gnash my teeth at the unavailability of Wyoming football games despite their being in the same conference as then-ranked Boise State.

This season I’ve been able to watch most of their games as they dominated the Mountain West Conference’s Mountain division — even beating Boise State, to my surprise and great satisfaction. This coming Saturday they’ll host West division leader San Diego State for the conference title.

It wasn’t all that long ago Wyoming was the sad sack of the conference under a coach more interested in designing uniforms than winning games. The turnaround undoubtedly has a lot to do with their increased TV presence.

Last night’s final regular season game in Albuquerque was alarming, and I stopped watching when New Mexico’s lead widened to 28 points. In the end Wyoming lost, 35-56. If they play like that on Saturday the Aztecs will avenge their loss of last weekend by winning the title.

Here’s hoping the Cowboys get their act back together.

Update: Two weeks after edging San Diego State in regular-season play in Laramie, Wyoming lost by a barely wider margin in the Mountain West title game — also in Laramie.

There’s always next year.