Too Soon to Tell

I call it “The O’Keefe Method,” after James O’Keefe’s habit of releasing increasingly revealing videos about illegal activity by left-leaning organizations, giving them no time to regroup and build a workable counter-narrative.

That’s what the Center for Medical Progress is doing to Planned Parenthood, and it sure looks like the death mill I think of as Murder, Inc. Genocide, Inc. may be on the ropes. We’ll have to see. PP does seem to be losing sponsors, including possibly the federal taxpayer. Which would be about damned time.

I’d like to see somebody do this to the SPLC. And the climate-alarmist bunch.


Ridin’ Don’t Mean Sittin’ On

Just a day or two ago I renamed this blog, after one of the jobs a cowboy does.
Once barbed wire closed off the open range, it became a cowboy’s responsibility to make sure the fence was kept in good repair. To do that he’d ride along the perimeter of the ranch, inspecting the wire and posts for wear — or sabotage.
He’d carry heavy gloves, pliers and other tools to make repairs as needed, and if it looked like the damage was deliberate he needed to report it to the boss.
Now, if I cared to go ridin’ fence for the whole of western civilization, or even just this country, I’d be posting links to every news piece, blog entry and Twitter tweet I saw in a day’s internetting. And then there’d be stuff I saw on TV or heard on the radio that I hadn’t already encountered. There wouldn’t be enough hours in the day for that and¬†everything else I have to do.
I think I’ll see if I can come up with something to report at least once a week though, even if I have to make something up just to laugh about.
(Edited February 20, 2017 in light of changed reading/commenting habits.)