Ends and Odds, 0

So there I was last week, taking a last run around the field out front of The Freehold — to make it look kempt for the winter, and give any snow we might get a nice surface to cover — and on the second circuit, in the lowest part of the field, the mower … stops.

The engine was still running. The cutting deck was still operating. The mower simply wasn’t moving anymore.

I’d chosen the day because it was going to be rainy soon and I didn’t want to be trying to drive around on wet ground. Instead, I had to leave the mower sitting there, first to get rained on, and then waiting until the ground had firmed up again.

It’s not a gigantic piece of equipment, but it is a riding mower — and being a ZTR it has a lower profile than your standard Hank Hill lawn tractor. My soon-to-be-53-year-old back isn’t fit to push this thing from a low spot all the way back to the driveway, and bringing the trailer to it wasn’t going to do any good because the ramp incline was going to be even steeper than usual in this spot.

I wound up using a cargo strap, with one hook on a long bolt under the front of the mower, and the strap wrapped multiple times around my car’s towing hitch and the other hook hung in a hook loop on the receiver. I never actually thought it would work (I was sure something would pop loose, or the strap might fail) but I got the mower into the front yard proper and placed the trailer on a slope where the loading ramp wouldn’t be so steep. I still needed a hand getting it up the ramp even so, but first thing in the morning this machine is headed for the repair shop to fix whatever’s wrong with it and get new blades while it’s there.

I got a lot of practice backing up with that trailer today.

By the time I get the mower back, the erstwhile Castle McGehee will (knock on wood) have new owners; closing is just before Thanksgiving.

Update, next afternoon: I was wrong; they fixed the mower the same day. What a difference it makes taking it in in November instead of April.

[Originally posted on my static HTML home page when I “wasn’t” blogging. Republished to this blog May 10, 2017 for reference.]