The Dog Days of Sophie

[Written by Mrs. McG]

My fur family has been so harmonious for so long, I guess I forgot what the real world is like. I committed a major feline etiquette breach this evening (at least I’m sparing you the “faux pas” puns…) When we brought Mickie home as a six-week-old kitten, she thought Lucy the Dog was the greatest kitten toy EVER. Sophie has been very Mickie-like so far, fearless warrior-kitten and all, so I didn’t expect any problems.

We hadn’t properly introduced Sophie and Lucy yet, but they’d seen and smelled each other through the back door with no apparent distress, so I thought this was just a formality. I picked Sophie up and opened the door, and Lucy bounced happily inside the house as usual. Feline freakout on my shoulder. I quickly took Sophie over to her cat condo where she’d hopefully feel safer. She hissed and spit and fuzzed up, but got to where she was relatively calm once Lucy settled down. She still fuzzed and hissed a little when Lucy came near, but was pretty much OK otherwise. Also, after I let Lucy back out, I picked Sophie up with some definitely Lucy-scented hands, and she didn’t seem to have a problem with that. So, I figure this’ll work itself out.

Update, April 15, 2017: This and all earlier-dated entries are collected from either my then-blog blogoSFERICS, or Mrs. McG’s onetime critterblog cats. iz. perverse.