It’s Not a Fit Day Out for Man nor Beast

[Originally posted to blogoSFERICS]

Dustbury inspired the following, which was originally a comment left there:

I had to drop off our dog at the vet this morning. One of the outermost bands from Ivan was passing through the neighborhood when I opened the garage door. Lucy, who normally loves to go anywhere as long as she can show off her stylish harness and leash, took one look at the downpour and said, “On second thought, I think I’d rather stay in and eat bonbons.”

Unfortunately for her, we’d already paid ahead of time for this vet visit, so if she’s getting bonbons today it’s not at home. But I didn’t even have to say anything when I opened the door to the truck. I half expect the next time I need to take her anywhere in bad weather she’ll open the door herself.

I was going to post on this anyway, and that comment was too good to rewrite.

Anyway, today Lucy’s getting the next (we hope, last) bit of heartworm treatment—this time to kill off the immature worms that might have survived, or hatched since, her first treatment four weeks ago. For some time after we brought her home from the first treatments, she was tired and uncomfortable, but she bounced back very quickly and has been her usual frisky self for most of the time since. In fact, I thought it would be worth the risk yesterday to let her out into the yard for a romp, which she enjoyed very much though. We’ll probably have to keep her confined until she’s pronounced completely cured (hopefully October 4), but after that…

That girl needs exercise, and obviously enjoys it.

UPDATE: Lucy is home and in excellent spirits—no apparent discomfort.